Over the past few years the number of electricians around the world has more than doubled. This is not only because there are a growing number of people who are training to become electricians but also because the job of an electrician tends to be highly financially lucrative. That being said there are a range of skill sets and experience levels that determine the best electrician for the job. But an expensive electrician doesn’t always mean a better one. There’s a wide range of things to take into consideration when picking the right person for the job.

Avoid electricians that require full payment at the start

Even if you trust the electrician you should always avoid paying them the full amount up front. By doing this it reduces the incentive for them to finish the job quickly and do a good job of it. You may find that some even take the payment and never complete the job. Regardless of the reasoning the electrician requires full payment avoid them.

Use a trusted and reviewed electrician

You should always go with a recommended electrician, this will dramatically reduce the risk of picking a cowboy electrician. Normally this is easy enough done by asking friends and family, but you may not always get the same service due to different scope of work.

Honest Electricians is here to help with this process, and only recommend those electricians that we would use personally and that are recommended by the community. We allow customers to leave an honest review of the electrician, and the electricians to specify the specialities they work with. All of this combined helps you make your decision easier and safer than ever.

Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions of your electrician before deciding to work with them. Most will be perfectly willing to answer your questions, and this will give you a feel for which electrician is right for you and your project.

Know the nature of your job

Ensure to pick an electrician that is tried and tested for your area of work that needs to be done. For example picking someone that does CCTV systems on a regular basis should be quicker, cheaper and safer than someone that doesn’t do them often. This can be difficult to identify when picking the right electrician, they won’t advertise their weaknesses. Using Honest Electricians we help get around this issue by ensuring the electricians specify their capabilities and specialities.

Get multiple quotes

You should try to get multiple quotes for the job, especially when this is a large project. By doing this you can get good competitive quotes, and even barter to get the best price. But make sure to not make the decision purely off pricing, this can lead to a world of trouble. Make sure to only receive quotes from reputable, trusted electricians, this way you know all of the quotes you’re receiving will be genuine.


These tips should help you avoid hiring a cowboy electrician and make the whole process a lot easier. Honest Electricians are here to help you connect with the right electricians for the job. Using our review, rating and vetting system we avoid listing cowboy electricians and only promote those who we would use personally. We believe that honestly is the best policy and want to help our tradesmen connect with honest customers.